CAD4X Laboratory

Computer-Aided Design for 'X'

CAD4X (Computer-aided design for 'X') stands for systematic design and optimization using computer-aided design of beyond semiconductor circuits and systems including energy systems. The CAD4X laboratory is one of the leading groups in power and energy optimization from embedded systems applications to large scale energy systems.

The CAD4X Laboratory has introduced numerous world-first innovative techniques for device- and system-level power/energy measurement/estimation, LCD power reduction, low-power SDRAM and flash memory systems, FPGA power minimization, practical issues on dynamic voltage scaling, fuel cell and battery hybrid power source for portable systems, hybrid electrical energy storage systems, dynamically reconfigurable photovoltaic cell arrays, storage-less and converter-less maximum power point tracking, and so forth. Introducing a full-custom electric vehicle, the CAD4X laboratory recently initiated systematic optimization of electric vehicles and electromobility.

The CAD4X laboratory publishes above-mentioned research contribution at premier venues including journals, magazines, conferences, symposia and workshops. The CAD4X laboratory pursuits practically applicable design and optimization techniques, and most of the developed techniques have been demonstrated with working prototypes at ISLPED design contest and Design Automation Conference University Booth.


Design and Test Magazine Call for Paper

    • Special Issue on Energy and Power Management for Electric Vehicles

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