Electric Vehicles (EV) are known to have three times more energy efficient than petroleum internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. This is true if we do not consider electricity generation, transmission and vehicle battery charging efficiency. ICE vehicles have various vendor-specific technologies regarding fuel efficiency including engines, transmissions and their matching. EV, on the other hand, fuel efficiency is largely dependent on the vehicle weight thanks to simplified drivetrain such as direct drive without a transmission. Nevertheless, true energy efficiency of EV should be justified by the source of electricity. This work introduces a custom, light-weight EV prototype for partial solar powered EV. The primary purpose of custom EV fabrication is to collect various data for multidimensional EV energy and power consumption characterization and modeling. Use of high-fidelity model will be the basis of systematic EV design time and runtime optimization. Furthermore, the custom EV will be a useful testbed for vehicle energy harvesting including dynamically reconfigurable photovoltaic arrays. 



Title: Reconfigurable Hybrid Electrical Energy Storage Systems
Period: May 01, 2010 ~ Feb. 28, 2015
Sponsors: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development

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