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Apparatus and method for controlling fuel cell system using reconfigurable switch network
Region: Domestic
Legal Status: Applied
Inventor: Jaemin Kim, Naehyuck Chang
Application number: 2014-31600
Application Date: 2014-03-18

Apparatus and method for Supplying Electric Power using Multiple Power Sources
Region: Domestic
Legal Status: Registered
Inventor: Naehyuck Chang, Youngjin Cho, Kyungsoo Lee, Donghwa Shin, Jaehyun Park, Younghyun Kim, Jihun Kim, Jueun Seo
Registration number: 10-1036276
Application Date2009-07-06
Agent: Seoul National University

Performance monitoring unit and method of estimating power consumption of a system using the performance monitoring unit
Region: Domestic
Legal Status: Applied
Inventor: Naehyuck Chang, Youngjin Cho, Younghyun Kim, Sangyoung Park, Jihun Kim
Registration number: 10-1036275
Application Date2009-02-03
AgentSNU R&DB Foundation
Applicant: EZ International Patent & Trademark Law Office