author = {Kyungil Seo and Jangyeol Yoon and Jihun Kim and Taeyoung Chung and Kyongsu Yi and Naehyuck Chang},

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abstract = {This paper proposes a multi-core architecture for implementation of a unified chassis control (UCC) algorithm on a field programmable gate array (FPGA) which operates as a multi-core process. The proposed multi-core architecture aims to reduce the operating load and maximize the reliability for improving the performance of the UCC system. The proposed multi-core architecture supports distributed control with analytical and physical redundancy capabilities. The UCC algorithm used in this research consists of three parts: a supervisor, a main controller, and fault detection/isolation/tolerance control (FDI/FTC). These three components are implemented and evaluated with the multi-core process environment with the FPGA. An electronic control unit is configured by three MicroBlaze processors with FPGA, and a control area network (CAN) is also implemented for hardware-in-the-loop (HILS) evaluation. Three types of multi-core architectures, i.e. distributed processing, triple voting, and hybrid operation, are implemented to investigate the performance and reliability. A vehicle simulator and brake HILS are used to evaluate the proposed multi-core architectures. From the test results, it is shown that all of the proposed multi-core systems have better performance and improved reliability compared with the single core system. In particular, the hybrid operation architecture shows better reliability and performance compared with the other two multi-core architectures, distributed processing and triple voting.},

keywords = {electronic control unit, fault tolerance control, field programmable gate array, hardware-in-the-loop simulator, multi-core processor, unified chassis control},