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abstract={Electrical energy systems (EESs) include energy generation, distribution, storage, and consumption, and involve many diverse components and sub-systems to implement these tasks. This paper represents a first step towards the computer-aided design for EESs, encompassing modeling, simulation, design and optimization of these systems. CAD for EESs is a challenging task that mandates a multidisciplinary and heterogeneous approach. We identify similarities and differences between electrical energy systems and electronics systems in order to inherit as much as possible the profound legacy resources of electronic design automation (EDA). We introduce fundamental concepts, from the general problem formulation to the development and deployment of efficient, scalable, and versatile CAD and EDA methods and framework for the optimal or near-optimal EESs.}, 

keywords={electronic design automation;energy storage;optimisation;computer-aided design;electrical energy system;electronic design automation;energy consumption;energy distribution;energy generation;energy storage;Accuracy;Batteries;Computational modeling;Discharges (electric);Integrated circuit modeling;Load modeling;Mathematical model},