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title={Dynamic thermal management in mobile devices considering the thermal coupling between battery and application processor}, 




abstract={The thermal management is a crucial design problem for mobile devices because it greatly affects not only the device reliability, but also the leakage energy consumption. Conventional dynamic thermal management (DTM) techniques work well for the computer systems. However, due to the limitation of the physical space in mobile devices, the thermal coupling effect between the major heat generation components, such as the application processor (AP) and the battery, plays an important role in determining the temperature inside the mobile device package. Due to this effect, the thermal behavior of one part is no longer independent of the other, but is affected by the temperature of other parts. This is the first work that quantitatively characterizes the thermal coupling between the battery and AP and presents a predictive DTM for mobile devices considering this effect. Simulation results show that the proposed DTM method significantly reduces the thermal violations for the target mobile devices.}, 

keywords={mobile computing;telecommunication network reliability;telecommunication power supplies;thermal management (packaging);DTM method;application processor;battery;computer systems;design problem;dynamic thermal management;heat generation components;leakage energy consumption;mobile device package;temperature determination;thermal behavior;thermal coupling;thermal violation reduction;Batteries;Couplings;Heating;Mobile handsets;Temperature measurement;Temperature sensors;dynamic thermal management;smartphones;thermal coupling effect},