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abstract = {Phase change memory (PCM) is one of the most promising technology among emerging non-volatile random ac- cess memory technologies. Implementing a cache memory using PCM provides many benefits such as high density, non-volatility, low leakage power, and high immunity to soft error. However, its disadvantages such as high write latency, high write energy, and limited write endurance prevent it from being used as a drop-in replacement of an SRAM cache. In this paper, we study a set of techniques to design an energy- and endurance-aware PCM cache. We also modeled the timing, energy, endurance, and area of PCM caches and integrated them into a PCM cache simulator to evaluate the techniques. Experiments show that our PCM cache design can achieve 8% of energy saving and 3.8 years of lifetime compared with a baseline PCM cache having less than a hour of lifetime.},

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