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Notice about make up class (on Nov. 10)

posted Oct 14, 2014, 11:14 PM by jeongmin@cad4x.kaist.ac.kr   [ updated Oct 23, 2014, 8:07 PM ]

We decide to schedule the make up class on Nov. 10.

We think that the make up class should be held between midterm and quiz.

(because only 4 class in that period)

*The make up class is 7:00 pm on Nov. 10

Classroom is #402 in the creative and learning building.

Also, the attendance in make up class will not be counted.

However, you should take responsibility for the penalty of absent.

A class schedule is shown below.

Microelectronics Schedule
Week 19/1/2014Chapter 19/3/2014Chapter 1/2
Week 29/8/2014Thanksgiving9/10/2014Thanksgiving
Week 39/15/2014Chapter 29/17/2014Chapter 3
Week 49/22/2014Chapter 39/24/2014DAC EC Meeting (Weeks 1-4)
Week 59/29/2014ACM Pub10/1/2014ACM Pub Board
Week 610/6/2014Chapter 410/8/2014Chapter 4
Week 710/13/2014Chapter 5 (selected topics)10/15/2014SGB meeting
Week 810/20/2014Midterm10/22/2014Midterm
Week 910/27/2014Chapter 6 (selected topics)10/29/2014Chapter 7 (selected topics)
Week 1011/3/2014ICCAD (Weeks 11-13)11/5/2014ICCAD (Weeks 14-16)
Week 1111/10/2014Chapter 811/12/2014Chapter 8
Week 11
11/10/2014Data conversion
Week 1211/17/2014Quiz11/19/2014Entrance exam
Week 1311/24/2014Chapter 1611/26/2014Chapter 16
Week 1412/1/2014Memory and digital circuits12/3/2014Memory and digital circuits
Week 1512/8/2014Nonvolatile memories12/10/2014Power converters
Week 16
Final exam
Final exam
Follow up discussion 6 - 9 :20 pm (place: TBD)
Language (English and Korean)