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Microelectonics syllabus update

posted Sep 13, 2014, 5:58 AM by jeongmin@cad4x.kaist.ac.kr   [ updated Sep 13, 2014, 6:25 AM ]
The 2014 fall semester syllabus has been updated. The updated version emphasizes more contents about the digital circuit reducing some contents in the analog amplifiers. The newly added contents are not included in the textbook. Please do not omit the classes.

Microelectronics Schedule
Week 19/1/2014Chapter 19/3/2014Chapter 1/2
Week 29/8/2014Thanksgiving9/10/2014Thanksgiving
Week 39/15/2014Chapter 29/17/2014Chapter 3
Week 49/22/2014Chapter 39/24/2014DAC EC Meeting (Weeks 1-4)
Week 59/29/2014ACM Pub10/1/2014ACM Pub Board
Week 610/6/2014Chapter 410/8/2014Chapter 4
Week 6
10/10/2014Chapter 5 (selected topics)
Week 710/13/2014Chapter 6 (selected topics)10/15/2014SGB meeting
Week 810/20/2014Midterm10/22/2014Midterm
Week 910/27/2014Chapter 7 (selected topics)10/29/2014Chapter 8
Week 1011/3/2014ICCAD (Weeks 11-13)11/5/2014ICCAD (Weeks 14-16)
Week 1111/10/2014Chapter 811/12/2014Data conversion
Week 1211/17/2014Quiz11/19/2014Entrance exam
Week 1311/24/2014Chapter 1611/26/2014Chapter 16
Week 1412/1/2014Memory and digital circuits12/3/2014Memory and digital circuits
Week 1512/8/2014Nonvolatile memories12/10/2014Power converters
Week 16
Final exam
Final exam
Follow up discussion 6 - 9 pm (place: TBD)
Language (English and Korean)