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Important notice: class rescheduled

posted Sep 1, 2014, 11:57 PM by jeongmin@cad4x.kaist.ac.kr   [ updated Oct 16, 2014, 12:20 AM ]
Due to the strict KAIST policy, taking an exam during the absence of the instructor is not allowed. In addition, a class is considered as 90 minutes, not 75 minutes, including the break time for the next class. Please check the rescheduled classes posted on the main page. It is not a major change, but there is one actual back up class scheduled on 10/10. Everyone is supposed to sign the agreement of the class reschedule on Wed. 

Agreement of the Class Reschedule for EE304: Microelectronics,
2014 Fall Semester

The fall semester of EE304 will reschedule a part of classes due to the important business trips of the instructor as the capacity of the ACM SIGDA Chair and ACM TODAES Editor-in-Chief.

  1. Each class starts from 12:40pm and ends at 2:30pm, which is 110 minutes including break time for the next class following the university policy. Five times of classes will accumulate 100 minutes in total, which corresponds to one additional 90 minute class. The lecture starts at 12:45pm, and the instructor will be ready at 12:40pm. Students are recommend to come to the classroom at 12:40 and exchange questions and answers. All the registered students should attend the class by 12:45pm.

  2. There is one backup class on 10/10/2014 (Friday) at 12:45pm to 2:30pm including break time for the next class, which is the university policy.

  3. The detailed rescheduled classes are summarized as follows.

Week 19/1/2014Chapter 19/3/2014Chapter 1/2
Week 29/8/2014Thanksgiving9/10/2014Thanksgiving
Week 39/15/2014Chapter 29/17/2014Chapter 3
Week 49/22/2014Chapter 39/24/2014DAC EC Meeting (Weeks 1-4)
Week 59/29/2014ACM Pub10/1/2014ACM Pub Board
Week 610/6/2014Chapter 410/8/2014Chapter 4
Week 6
10/10/2014Chapter 5
Week 710/13/2014Chapter 510/15/2014SGB meeting
Week 810/20/2014Midterm10/22/2014Midterm
Week 910/27/2014Chapter 610/29/2014Chapter 6
Week 1011/3/2014ICCAD (Weeks 11-13)11/5/2014ICCAD (Weeks 14-16)
Week 1111/10/2014Chapter 711/12/2014Chapter 7
Week 1211/17/2014Quiz11/19/2014Entrance exam
Week 1311/24/2014Chapter 811/26/2014Chapter 8
Week 1412/1/2014Chapter 912/3/2014Chapter 9
Week 1512/8/2014Chapter 1612/10/2014Chapter 16
Week 16
Final exam
Final exam
Follow up discussion 6 - 9 pm (place: TBD)
Language (English and Korean)

I, (                                                                      ), am fully aware of and agree on the above class reschedule policy.

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